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Barbecue Week Starts Right Now

Let the week of meat begin

Percy Street BBQ/Facebook

For the first time ever, an entire week of dedicated Philly barbecue coverage stands before us: Barbecue Week, a five-day plunge into whatever the food-type means to our great city. Whether it's American smoked meats, Korean table-top grilling, or Brazilian churrascarias, the week is a celebration of the new, the old, and the meaty, in whatever form they take.

Watch this page to see all the barbecue stories published this week, and keep an eye on Eater Philly's social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram) as well. And as always, we'd love to see your Philly barbecue darlings, so tag your Instagram photos with #eaterphilly, and we'll feature some of our favorites.

Got some Philly barbecue intel you want to share? Drop us a line via email or leave a comment below.