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Here Comes a Second Blue Duck, This Time with a Bar

The strip mall BYOB will stay put, continuing its success in the Northeast

After two successful years running his first restaurant in Northeast Philly, The Blue Duck's chef-owner Kris Serviss and business partner Joe Callaghan Jr. are expanding the concept to Center City — 212 South 11th Street, to be exact, in what is now Hummus Grill (but only until the end of the month).

Serviss plans to keep the staples on the menu ("Some of the burgers, mac 'n' cheese, definitely the duck fries.") at the new prime-time location, but is also well-aware that with a new 'hood, comes a different audience, "I know in that area I need to be more conscious of vegan and vegetarian diners. I don't do much vegan/vegetarian cooking at the BYOB, but that doesn't mean I can't or don't like to."

In contrast to the bright and homey Northeast BYOB, the new spot will be a bit more "modernized", meaning textured walls, dimmer lights, and a sleeker build-out by Eimer Design. But more importantly: a bar, 6-10 seats depending on what the space allows.

The opening is slotted for Fall 2016.

The Blue Duck

2859 Holme Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19152 (267) 686-4687 Visit Website

The Blue Duck

212 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA