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Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse Pushes 1,000 Pounds of Mac and Cheese Every Week

Eater digs into the staggering numbers behind two of Philly's most popular barbecue joints

Fette Sau Philly
Fette Sau Philly
Photo by Jason Varney

Philly may not have its own "style" of barbecue, nor any nationally recognized institutions. But, at the very least, we know good barbecue when we see it, and when we see it, we eat it... a lot. In honor of Barbecue Week 2016, Eater Philly's compiled some data for you to chew over, because despite having almost no 'cue culture to speak of, we eat ridiculous amounts on a weekly basis. Read the proof below:

Fette Sau

A top-down closeup of juicy barbecued brisket with a heavily charred exterior, partially sliced. Jason Varney

Photo by Jason Varney

Pounds of Niman Ranch prime beef brisket: 300

Pounds of Freebird organic chicken: 320

Pounds of Duroc pulled pork: 200

Pounds of Nicolosi hot sausage: 70

Pounds of burnt end baked beans: 300

Pounds of German potato salad made: 200  

Orders of whiskey: 700+ pours

Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse

sweet lucy’s smokehouse

Sweet Lucy's/Official

Pounds of chopped Texas beef brisket: 700

Pounds of BBQ pulled chicken: 1,000

Pounds of BBQ pulled pork: 1,000

Racks of baby back ribs: 700

Most popular side: mac and cheese, 1,000 lbs.

Second most popular side: garlic mashed potato, 700 lbs.

Fette Sau

1208 Frankford Avenue, , PA 19125 (215) 391-4888 Visit Website

Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse

7500 State Road, , PA 19136 (215) 333-9663 Visit Website