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Smokin' Betty's on a Thursday at 8 p.m.

Inside the Market East comfort food haven

As we're all well aware, barbecue can mean any number of things. It can define a time, a place, a cuisine (in all of its many styles), what have you, but no matter its denotation, one thing is essential to its DNA: comfort.

Smokin' Betty's is, primarily, an American comfort food restaurant; the expansive menu has it all, from grilled pizza to grilled cheese. But barbecue is a big player here, because barbecue, after all, is just smokey, American comfort food.

People love the wings at Smokin' Betty's (especially the $5 kind at happy hour), all rubbed up in a special blend of spices, or grilled and slathered in a tangy house barbecue sauce. They love the hickory-smoked ribs, the flame-kissed chicken legs, and the trio of brisket, pulled pork, and BBQ chicken sliders. It may not be Philly's ultimate barbecue restaurant, but it definitely deserves a mention during Barbecue Week, and just looking at all the smiling faces in these photos, they probably think so too.

Smokin' Betty's

116 South 11th Street, , PA 19107 (215) 922-6500 Visit Website