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East Passyunk Avenue Lands a Local Distillery Tasting Room

Manatawny Still Works is making some serious changes to Philly's liquor landscape

Good news for the BYOBers of South Philly: sometime this fall, Montgomery County distillery Manatawny Still Works will open its first satellite location at 1603 East Passyunk Avenue.

This will be one of the first instances of a local distillery taking advantage of a bill-change from 2011, Act 113, which among other privileges, allows small distilleries to "operate and maintain up to two (2) Board-approved additional ("satellite") locations, which may be operated in conjunction with other limited distilleries, with no bottling or production requirements at the location." Meaning, you can finally purchase liquor — straight, unadulterated liquor —  from a non-Fine Wine & Good Spirits store. (Since June 8, 2016, the number of sanctioned satellite locations has been amended to five.)

The Passyunk location will act mostly as a bottle shop, but the tasting room will also feature a full-service cocktail bar stocked only with Manatawny's line of whiskey, vodka, gin, and rum.

Updates to come.

Manatawny Still Works

1603 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA