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Wawa's Making a 6 Ton Hoagie for its 24th Annual Hoagie Day

Yep, you read that right


This Thursday, June 30, is Wawa's annual Hoagie Day Celebration, a yearly tradition where Philadelphians young and old come to the Independence Visitor Center lawn to celebrate the "official sandwich of Philadelphia" (declared by Ed Rendell during the 1992 Hoagie Day festivities). This year, they brought in Food Network star Robert Irvine to help compose a six ton hoagie.

Need help visualizing what six tons might look like in hoagie-form? Check out the recipe:

Hoagie Day's festivities are dedicated to the men and women who protect and serve our city and country, so Philadelphia police officers and firefighters, members of the Pennsylvania National Army Guard and Pennsylvania National Air Guard, and members of the USO are all invited to help construct the hoagie, but not before a 6 Ton Hoagie Salute.

After the sandwich is built, it'll be served to attendees of the event. Check the Festival Events page for a schedule of the Welcome America! events happening all this week.