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PA Residents, You Can Finally Buy Wine at a Grocery Store

Package of reform laws allows other off-premise sales, eases restrictions on direct shipping and relaxes pricing and scheduling

Carl Court/Getty Images

In a huge step toward possibly ending state control of liquor sales, Gov. Tom Wolf signed a bill yesterday that permits many grocery stores, hotels and restaurants to sell wine by the bottle. Additionally, the law allows for direct residential wine shipments, lets shops set their own Sunday and holiday hours, sanctions state stores to offer discounts and sales, lets casinos sell alcohol 24/7, and permanently lets gas stations sell beer.

Starting in 60 days, groceries, hotels and restaurants that can legally sell packaged beer to drink off-premise will be allowed to do the same with wine. According to, that means approximately 11,200 groceries, convenience stores, restaurants and hotels can sell up to four to-go bottles per person until 11 p.m. nightly.

Saying that the reform package finally brings PA's wine and spirits system into the 21st century for the first time since before Prohibition, Gov. Wolf said, "This is truly a historic day for Pennsylvania and the most significant step the commonwealth has taken to reform our liquor system in 80 years."