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Restaurants That Will 'Vive le Revolution' for Bastille Day

Let the celebrations begin

Neuf's antique Citroën
Neuf's antique Citroën

BELLA VISTA — From 3-10 p.m. this Thursday, July 14, Bella Vista's French bistro The Good King will host its first-ever Bastille Day block party. The 700 block of Kater Street will be closed to traffic in lieu of outdoor Kir Royales, kegged wine, Kronenbourgs and accordions (by Liberty Bellows). Chef David Ansill will be curbside grilling sausages and French snacks, there will be games aplenty, and starting at 8 p.m., DJ Jack Tripper joins the celebration. Food and drink will be pay-by-ticket (buy 'em at the block party entrance or inside).

ITALIAN MARKET – Joncarl Lachman and Bob Moysan's North African-French restaurant, Neuf, will be pouring champagne-galore for its Bastille Day drink specials: $5 champagne, $8 champagne cocktails, and $10 off select bottles of French wine and champagne. The kitchen will be cooking up a $35 prix-fixe, and bar snacks include $2 duck confit sliders.

FAIRMOUNT — London Grill owns Bastille Day in Philadelphia. Saturday, July 16, the day-long celebration starts at 10 a.m. when the Fairmount icon opens early for lunch/brunch with $4 Kronenbourg beer specials. The annual "Storming of the Bastille" performance starts at 5:30 p.m., with co-owner Terry McNally playing the role of Marie Antoinette, The Bearded Ladies' John Jarboe as Edith Piaf, and Eastern State Penitentiary as The Bastille itself. After the "beheading", there will be an outdoor after-party with live music by The West Philadelphia Orchestra, dancing, French-inspired food and drink, and a French-themed dinner inside the restaurant (make a reservation).

The Good King Tavern

614 South 7th Street, , PA 19147 (215) 625-3700 Visit Website

Restaurant Neuf

943 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 215-309-5847

Paris Wine Bar

2303 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130 (215) 978-4545

London Grill

2301 Fairmount Avenue, , PA 19130 (215) 978-4545 Visit Website