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Fiume Owner Kevin Holland Plays a Mean Guitar in his West Philly Bar

"The things that make Fiume what it is are human beings."

For those that haven't been, know this: West Philly's Fiume is arguably one of the best bars in all of Philadelphia, as no-frills and cramped as it is. Most days, it's just your friendly, neighborhood dive bar (except with great cocktails, fancy beers, and for fine brown liquors). On Thursdays, though, it's bluegrass night, when owner Kevin Holland and his band The City Wide Specials get together to play a few ditties for those who like whiskey-drinkin' music to go with their Michter's rye-neat.

Upland Film Co.'s mini-documentary follows Holland during the the hours leading up to the night's festivities, where he talks about his two loves: bluegrass and Fiume.


229 South 45th Street, , PA 19104 (215) 352-3591