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Palladino's Closes with Complications

"Celebrity chef" Luke Palladino owes a lot of money to a lot of people

Today, reported about the temporary closure of East Passyunk's Italian restaurant Palladino's.

Chef-owner Luke Palladino wants to - in his words - "evolve" the sleek Italian chop specialist into less of a special-occasion destination and more of a community gathering place.

Palladino's (1934 E. Passyunk) is due to reopen Friday, Sept. 9, just before the Eagles' home opener.

And while there are grand promises of game-day take-out options, live music, and suburb-to-South-Philly transportation, according to Foobooz, things might not pan out exactly as projected:

But diners may not want to make reservations just yet, as Palladino's landlord on Passyunk Avenue has sued him for back rent. According to the lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia Municipal Court, Palladino didn't pay his rent in May or June, to the tune of $1,750 total, and the landlord tells Foobooz that the lease covers both restaurant and residential space.

Tack that onto the additional late fees plus lawyer and court fees — not to mention the $117,931 loan Palladino still owes New Jersey restaurateur Kenny Guerrier — and it's hard to imagine the September 9 comeback, as promised.

According to Foobooz, "Palladino is due in court on July 27th in the Passyunk Avenue landlord-tenant dispute."

Stay tuned for updates.


1934 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148 (267) 928-4339