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Updated: Rage On After 2 A.M. During the DNC, Harrisburg Extends Last Call for Philly Bars

Party till the sun comes up

Philly at night - Alexis Lewis/Flickr Creative Commons

Update July 14, 4:53 p.m. It appears as though bars will not have to pay the $5,000 application fee. According to a PLCB rep, the $5,000 fee is a "one-time application fee paid by the DNC Host Committee". After the Host Committee submits, "The PLCB will then be able to accept from the host committee applications for specific events directly connected to the convention."

From July 25 - 28, this city will see an influx of around 50,000 people attending the Democratic National Convention, and for this monumental occasion, Pennsylvania has allowed an exception to the 2 a.m. last-call rule.

House Bill No. 1997 reads:

Section 408.17. National Event Permit.--

(a) Upon
application of the chief executive of a national political party conducting its national convention in this Commonwealth, or his or her designee, or the official host committee of the national convention, the board may issue a national event permit or permits for events directly connected to the convention.

(b) The application shall include an application fee of
five-thousand dollars ($5,000). No additional fee shall be
required for any subsequent application.

(c) The board shall approve the application unless doing so
would clearly be against the public interest. If the board
approves the application, the board shall determine the
location, date and hours that the permit shall be in effect.
More than one location may be licensed at one time.

(d) The permit shall have the same rights and restrictions
as a special occasion permit issued under section 408.4, except
as follows:
(1) The permit shall not be subject to the hours restriction
under section 408.4(k), the days restrictions under section
408(i) or the notice requirements under section 408.4(j).

So, there's that: for $5,000, bars that apply for a special events permit won't be subject to the usual 2 a.m. restriction. Keep in mind, this exemption expires on July 29, the day after the DNC wraps up.