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Hop Sing Laundromat is Closed For the Democratic National Convention

Philly's best cocktail bar closes during one of city's biggest events

One of the city's hottest cocktail bars? Check. Walking distance to many of the city's major hotels? Check. Closest cocktail bar to the Pennsylvania Convention Center? Check. Open for the DNC? No check.

Hop Sing Laundromat, despite being primed to have a busy week, will be closed during the DNC, reopening on Thursday night, July 28.

Why, you ask?

"The locals stay away, so what's the point of being open?" said Hop Sing's proprietor Lê. "Hop Sing Laundromat was never about the tourists."

He adds, "Though, I do want to remind political fanatics to not vote for the orange one."

Hop Sing Laundromat

1029 Race Street, , PA 19107