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Greenstreet Coffee Shop Quickly Calls it Quits in Passyunk Square

It was less than a month old

According to a report by Passyunk Post, after opening less than a month ago, Greenstreet Coffee Co. is crossing Broad Street, leaving its 1134 Dickinson Street space for a better life in Point Breeze. Tom and Chris Molieri, the brothers who own the Philly-based roasting company, will open up shop directly next to its South Philly roasting facility at 1921 Alter Street.

Passyunk Post writes:

A barista at Greenstreet told us that the owners felt that the location hadn't turned out as well as they had envisioned, which is what prompted this decision to move.

From a business-perspective, it's a smart move: the nook on 12th and Dickinson isn't a very high-trafficked corner, and with the countless other coffee shops already jam-packed on the avenue — plus another Philly roaster, Rival Bros., opening up a shop on a much busier corner just a block away — maybe Point Breeze, with its dearth of coffee shops (save for three shining stars: Ultimo, OCF Coffee House, and Benna's West), is a more ideal location for Greenstreet's second cafe.