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Whoa, Check Out Mission, the New Beer Garden-Taqueria Lookin' Good in Center City

The Oyster House crew tries their hand at Mexican

The Oyster House's first expansion since its conception, Mission Taqueria, is open, as of yesterday evening. As you might've read, it's got some really fun menus, and, really, the entire concept — part indoor beer garden with shuffleboard and an extra-long fooseball table (see above), part new-age taqueria — is a pretty exciting addition to Center City by and large.

Mission's inspiration came after owner Sam Mink spent some time in Mexico City and San Fransisco's Mission district, "There is an undeniable, palpable energy you feel when you visit somewhere like Mexico City or Mission District. It's anywhere you turn and in everything you taste. We're hoping to replicate that and create a space and menu that really transports you, and might even allow you to forget, even if it's for a second, that you're in Center City, Philadelphia."
With such a clean, airy, naturally-lit open space, you really, actually might forget where you are. Designer Hope Velocette of Chrysalis Studio installed floor-to-ceiling windows and six skylights, plus colorful neon lights accenting the white-washed wood and concrete room.

Look around here, and then see it for yourself in person any day of the week starting at 5 p.m.

Mission Taqueria

1516 Sansom Street, , PA 19102 (215) 383-1200 Visit Website