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Jose Garces Taco Shop, Buena Onda, Expanding to Center City

The Garces fast-casual aims for a more central location

Buena Onda at The Granary
Buena Onda at The Granary

Jose Garces thinks its time to expand his fast-casual fish taqueria, Buena Onda, and 1735 Chestnut Street is the spot he chose to do so.

"Buena Onda", Spanish slang for "good vibes" was Garces's first contribution to Philly's fast-casual scene. He opened up shop in March 2015 on the ground floor of The Granary building, alongside Marc Vetri's fast-casual operation Pizzeria Vetri (Vetri has since grown the concept to a second location in Rittenhouse, plus two more in D.C. and Austin, Texas).

The general concept of the shop is simple: $3.50 environmentally-conscious seafood tacos (on top of composting, Garces partnered up with Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program, ensuring sustainable sourcing no matter how many Buena Ondas pop up in the future), and free Yards beer while you wait for them. Then-Philly Mag critic Trey Popp awarded it two stars

According to, the lease in Rittenhouse was only signed last week. Garces Group CEO Rob Keddie said there was "no timeline for opening" just yet.

Buena Onda

1901 Callowhill Street, , PA 19130 (215) 302-3530 Visit Website

Buena Onda - Rittenhouse

1735 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA