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Rittenhouse's Poutine Shop, Shoo Fry, is Coming Along, Slowly But Surely

The Shoo Fry crew is hopeful for a September opening

Remember a few months ago when Eater told you about the poutinery, Shoo Fry, opening two locations — one in Rittenhouse, the other in Fishtown — by "summer's end"? Well owner Matt Baiada was half-right: the Shoo Fry at 132 South 17th Street (the old Underdogs space) in Rittenhouse Square should be open come mid-September. Baiada tells Eater he'll have a more specific date sometime next week.

Fishtown's outpost, however, might be a different story.

The location taking over the former East Girard Gastropub at 200 East Girard Avenue "is probably going to end up [opening] in November or December. Everything is just taking a lot longer than expected. Hoping to have permits back any day so we can get construction going there."

Generally speaking, it's going to be a fast-casual fry shop with a number of different fry-styles (wedges, tots, ribbons, potato chips, etc.) enhanced with a variety of toppings (sample menu here). Order your fries with a side of burger from a small slider menu, and finish the meal off with a milkshake, courtesy of local Little Baby's Ice Cream. On weekends, Shoo Fry will be open late, till 3 a.m., once they've settled in.

Stay tuned.