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Han Dynasty Sticks it to Donald Trump With Orange Chicken Special

Han Chiang has some choice words for Republican presidential candidate

Philly's restaurant industry is jam-packed with creative people, and when it comes to expressing anti-Trump sensibilities, let's just say there are a multitude of avenues to take a stance.

For example: some business owners brew anti-Trump beers, others, like Hop Sing Laundromat's , just have a way with wordsHan Chiang, though, the chef-owner of the fiery Sichuan chain Han Dynasty, does his part by selling orange chicken.

Chiang, a chef famous for not having a filter, is just as famous for changing Philly's understanding of Chinese cuisine as we know it today. He's proudly anti-Americanized-Chinese (you'll never see broccoli or General Tso's chicken on his menu), and, apparently, even more-so anti-Trump.

Starting today (August 3), and lasting until Election Day (November 8), Chiang will make an exception to his strict rule, selling "white meat only" "orange cock", or for layperson, orange chicken. And he's made a neat little poster to go along with it:

Is Chiang anti-Trump? Not necessarily. But according to Philly Voicehe's definitely anti-racist. Get the orange chicken special for just $12.95 only at the Han Dynasty's Old City location, and starting next week, buy yourself an t-shirt to go along with it.

Why go through all this effort?

Chiang explains, "Its my duty to make America great again. Fuck Trump!!!"

Han Dynasty

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