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'Six Feet Under' Will Be a New Subterranean Tavern in WashWest

And it opens this fall

Soon-to-be location of Six Feet Under - 727 Walnut Street
Soon-to-be location of Six Feet Under - 727 Walnut Street

Gene LeFevre, the man behind such restaurants and bars as Washington Square West's Morris House Hotel and Rittenhouse's Black Sheep, will open a new tavern just a stone's throw away from Washington Square Park in the former Umai space at 727 Walnut Street. The name? Six Feet Under, a tongue-in-cheek reference to its subterranean digs.

LeFevre tells it will be "a cross between the old Friday Saturday Sunday and the Black Sheep. That's the goal anyway, because the area is underserved."

With lines wrapping around the block for a taste of the Thai-style rolled ice cream at Sweet Charlie's(just , a kick-ass bagel shop in KneadKanella Grill reoccupying its 11th and Spruce corner, and Aroma replacing The Farm & Fisherman, Washington Square West might've seemed underserved before, but as of late, the neighborhood's been shaping up quite nicely.

Stay tuned.

Six Feet Under

727 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA