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Wine To-Go is Now a Thing for Philly Restaurants

Jet Wine Bar kicks off the fun

Jet Wine Bar
Jet Wine Bar

On August 8, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board began accepting requests for various new licenses and permits made available by Act 39, the same law that now allows grocery stores to sell wine. Among the new crop of licenses is a wine expanded permit, authorizing "the sale of up to three liters of wine to go per retail transaction".

Jill Weber, owner of Jet Wine Bar, Rex 1516 and Cafe Ynez, filed for the permit, and as of today, Jet Wine Bar is selling wine right out of its storefront, three liters at a time, of course.

Weber is launching with six bottles to start, all of which are virtually unavailable in PA state stores. Bottles range from $20-$30, and the menu will grow depending on demand. Check out the list below, and pick a bottle up for yourself during Jet's business hours. (Wine to go is only available until 11 p.m.)

  • Prosecco, Primaterra, Italy $25
    Green apple, light soft bubbles, lavender, jasmine
  • Sauvignon Blanc, Lionel Osmin & Cie, France $21
    White grapefruit, herbaceous, zesty citrus notes, balanced acidity
  • Pinot Grigio, Quadri, Italy $22
    Orange blossom, citrus peel,  fuji apple, almond oil, rich
  • Carmenere, Alto Los Romeros, Chile $21
    Violet, spice, dried fig, toasted vanilla with a coffee finish
  • Bordeaux, Château Malbat, France $24
    Red wild berries, currant, juicy and fruity, smooth tannins
  • Primitivo, Zensa, Italy $27 (The sale of this wine starts Friday)
    Bold cedar, sandalwood, blackberry, juicy and full

Jet Wine Bar

1525 South Street, , PA 19146 (215) 735-1116 Visit Website