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It's Official, Hyatt Centric Will Be Replacing Little Pete's in Center City

A proposal for the new hotel will be reviewed next month by the Civic Design

The proposed design of the Hyatt replacing Little Pete's
The proposed design of the Hyatt replacing Little Pete's
Design proposal

Earlier this month, Eater reported on a new zoning permit posted onto Little Pete's, one of the city's most iconic and beloved 24-hour diners. It was said that Little Pete's was a goner, but up until that point, the timeline of its expiry was left uncertain (due to a change in development plans).

Today, it's been made official: Hyatt Centric is moving forward with its plans for the 17th and Chancellor Street corner, and its developers will bring their proposal to the Civic Design Review committee on October 4, next month.

John Koutroubas, the co-owner of the diner, told Eater last, "We'll be out by June or July, but that's not official. We'll know officially in October."

Little Pete's

2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, , PA 19130 (215) 232-5001