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Vedge and V Street's New Fast-Casual Sibling Has a Name

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Plus, V Street is adding a noodle bar

Wiz Kid/Facebook

Back in July, Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby posted an orange liquor license placard to the front window of V Street, and soon after, announced their new quick-serve restaurant opening directly right next door at 124 South 19th Street, what is now a high-end glasses shop, EYEsite. There was no name, just a general idea: counter service,  "two to three types of sandwiches, salads, and fries", a few tables for eat-in purposes, plus a tight craft can list and draft wine. Today, it's officially been branded Wiz Kid.

The menu, like he promised, will be small with signature items like the Wiz Kid (a cheesesteak-inspired mushroom sandwich with long hots and rutabaga wiz) and KFT, Korean fried tempeh. And like most fast-food operations: ice cream for dessert — vegan, of course.

Wiz Kid, however, will take up the front-half of the property. In the back, Landau and Jacoby are installing a brand-new, bigger and better kitchen space servicing both V Street and Wiz Kid. So what will they do with all that extra space after V Street's kitchen moves in next door? Turn it into a noodle bar "for all the dan dan and ramen slurpers out there!"

Wiz Kid's opening is slated for this holiday season (Winter 2016). Stay tuned for updates.

Wiz Kid

124 S 19th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA