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Little Sheep and Chubby Cattle Mosey Into Chinatown

Who’s up for Hellishly Spicy hot pot?

Chubby Cattle

A new Mongolian hot pot restaurant just opened in Chinatown and another is on the way. The Philly outpost of Little Sheep, a chain with locations in the U.S., Canada, China, and Japan, is up and running at 1017 Arch Street in a newly renovated space next to sushi spot Tango. The opening of Chubby Cattle, at 146 N. 10th Street, should follow soon.

Both Chinatown additions are cook-your-own restaurants, with tables outfitted with induction cookers to heat up broth. At Little Sheep, the broth comes original, spicy, or half and half. Diners choose which meat, seafood, tofu, veggies, and noodles to add to the pot. A handful of side dishes — sesame pancake, satay, Mongolian beef pie, which looks similar to a quesadilla — are also on the menu. It’s open for lunch and dinner daily.

Just around the corner, a couple doors down from Ting Wong, Mongolian chef Hai Bin Yang’s Chubby Cattle will offer a similar experience. The soup base at Chubby Cattle comes in a few more options, including tomato and House Hellishly Spicy. Proteins include grass-fed lamb and Miyazaki wagyu and the noodles come in varieties like purple yam and green tea.

Yang opened the first Chubby Cattle in Las Vegas last year, after coming to the U.S to study at University of Nevada. He also has a Texas location in the works. Philly’s Chubby Cattle hit some permitting delays and is now shooting for a mid-November opening.