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Watch Sweet Charlie’s Make Boozy Rolled Ice Cream

It’s now available at the Rittenhouse location


When then-18-year-old Kyle Billig opened Thai-style rolled ice cream shop Sweet Charlie’s off Washington Square last year, he was one of the first to bring the concept to Philly. And while rolled ice cream is now easy to find, Sweet Charlie’s is staying ahead of the curve. The shop’s newest innovation? Booze-infused rolled ice cream. It’s available at the Rittenhouse location only.

Eater first talked to Sweet Charlie’s about the alcoholic ice cream in May, when the 1921 Walnut Street shop was about to open its doors. Billig had just opened outposts in Ocean City, New Jersey, and Rehoboth, Delaware, in time for the summer season. He’s since introduced Sweet Charlie’s to Atlanta and Haddonfield. By spring 2018, there should be 12 locations total.

But it’s the Rittenhouse crowd who can now get rolled ice cream with a shot of liqueur, in flavors like Wonder Filled (ice cream with Oreos and white chocolate liqueur) or Off Duty (coffee ice cream and a glazed donut drizzled with a choice of Kahlua or Baileys Irish Cream). The shop is calling the combo Sweet Charlie’s After Dark and it’s available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5 p.m.

Sweet Charlie’s sent Eater a video of the liqueur-drizzled ice cream in action. Check it out:

Sweet Charlie's

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