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Ramen Night Is Tonight at Hungry Pigeon

It’s a one-night-only collab

Hungry Pigeon Official

Hungry Pigeon is collaborating with Jason Chichonski — of Ela and Little Noodle Pasta Co.for a ramen night, tonight. Ramen night — hatched from the minds of Chichonski and Hungry Pigeon’s chef-owners Scott Schroeder and Pat O’Malley plus chef Mark Regan — starts tonight at 5pm and will run until sell-out or 10pm (though the former is the more likely stopping point.)

There are two types of ramen to choose from — a shio ramen with pork belly and noodles, and one that pairs the noodles with a miso mushroom broth. In addition to the soupy noodle bowls, there’s 10 other savory items — called “snackie things” on the menu. Think: fries with wasabi-roe mayo, milk bread with seaweed butter, and a grass-fed beef tataki with enoki mushrooms.

Mirroring the ramen menu is the cocktail menu — choose between a sherry/vermouth cocktail with orange and peychauds bitters or a cognac drink with angostura bitters and pistachio orgeat. The meal is finished up with homemade mochi ice cream.

Hungry Pigeon

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