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Surprise: Blue Duck Lost Its Chef Last Month

Kris Serviss is gone at all three restaurants

Kris Serviss earlier this year

Kris Serviss, chef and co-owner at Blue Duck, Blue Duck on Broad, and Ugly Duckling, left all three restaurants on October 13, reports Philadelphia magazine. Serviss had been with Blue Duck since the original, a BYOB, opened in Northeast Philly in 2014. The two other locations opened this year. Serviss’ partner in the restaurants, Joe Callahan, is still with the company.

Serviss told Philly mag he was forced out of his position as managing partner but is still a shareholder. Neither Serviss nor Callahan shared too many details, with Callahan saying he wants to keep what happened private — “It doesn’t do anyone any good to know how things run on the back end. It doesn’t necessarily affect customers or patrons.”

Serviss and Callahan took over what was Bop on Broad Street in June, turning it into Blue Duck on Broad, with Bop’s owners Brent Celek (of the Philadelphia Eagles) and Scott Keenan staying on board. Ugly Duckling opened in Washington Square West in September.

Blue Duck on Broad

220 South Broad Street, , PA 19102 (267) 455-0378

The Blue Duck

2859 Holme Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19152 (267) 686-4687 Visit Website

The Ugly Duckling

212 South 11th Street, , PA 19107 (267) 639-5195 Visit Website