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UberEats Expands to The Main Line — And Other Food News

Including Yelp’s attempt to deduce Pennsylvania’s most romantic restaurant

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— Havertonians and Villanovites (and more) just got a swathe of new delivery options, as the food arm of transport giant Uber announced this morning that a large chunk north of City Avenue will now be covered on the UberEats app. If you live in the Main Line area covered, you’ll be able to order on the app, from both a range of newly added restaurant in that area, and some dining options a little closer to central Philly (depending on range, of course). New options in the Main Line area include Irish pub eats from The Grog, Saffron Indian Kitchen, Japanese restaurant Ginza, and Vida Taqueria. See a map of the newly added areas below.


— It’s early February, so cue the ham-fisted media attempts to deduce “The Most Romantic Restaurant in [insert location]”. USA Today paired with Yelp to figure out the most romantic restaurant in each state (and D.C.). The methodology appears to consist of typing “Command-F” followed by the word “romantic”, then going with the highest-rated restaurant among the results. For Pennsylvania, it’s earthy Stephen Starr restaurant Talula’s Garden. For the record, OpenTable attempted something similar (although only with restaurants on its service), picking the country’s 100 most romantic spots based on its reviews. Nowhere in Philadelphia proper made the list, but Arielle’s Country Inn in Sellersville and Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm near Lahaska, not too far from the city, get accolades.

— Popular Rittenhouse Szechuan restaurant DanDan is expanding: Philly Mag tells the world that a second location is slated for the Main Line, in Devon, to be precise. The potstickers and noodles they’re known for should be available sometime around April.

— In other expansion news from Philly Mag, North Philadelphia Korean restaurant Seorabol is also adding a second location that’ll be more convenient for many: in Center City. Details are otherwise scarce.


126 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215) 800-1165

Seorabol Restaurant

5734 Old 2nd Street, , PA 19120 (215) 924-3355 Visit Website

Talula's Garden

210 West Washington Square, , PA 19106 (215) 592-7787 Visit Website