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Philly Restaurants Are Closing or Cutting Operations For Day Without Immigrants Today

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Here’s the list

Le Virtù

Today — February 16 — restaurants and other businesses across the country will either close for the day or reduce their operations. It’s due to a mass protest movement, The Day Without Immigrants. It’s encouraging immigrant workers to stay home from work, to demonstrate the vital role that immigrants play in daily life in the United States. The point is particularly directed at President Donald Trump, who has embraced an anti-immigrant tone, with particular derision directed at undocumented immigrants.

In Philadelphia, numerous restaurants are taking part in some way — some are closed for lunch or all services, some are reducing operations and menus, or not taking walk-ins, and big name restaurateurs such as Stephen Starr have said their staff will not be punished for taking part, although the restaurants are remaining open (some restaurants appear to be playing it by ear, making adjustments depending on the number of staff they have on hand.

This list is not exhaustive, as not all restaurants have publicized or even announced their closures. If you’ve seen a closure not listed here, email to tell us about it — photos of closed signs or notices are much appreciated. Any closed restaurants will (presumably) resume regular operations on Friday.

For other cities, Eater is aggregating closures here.

  • Benjamin Miller and Cristina Martinez’s El Compadre is closed for the day; the pair’s other restaurant South Philly Barbacoa does not open on Thursdays.

Can Philly Restaurants Survive Even a Single Day Without Immigrant Workers? Nope. We will be closed tomorrow. #solidarity #unity

Posted by El Compadre on Wednesday, February 15, 2017
  • Philly Voice reports that Graffiti Bar is closed for the day; twin restaurant Sampan is reportedly also closed.
  • Staff at Tredici and both locations of Zavino are reportedly taking part; the restaurants are open but playing their operations by ear and say they will consider closing if there are not enough staff. Eater has put in calls to see what’s up.
  • Le Virtù is open but not taking walk-ins and with a very limited number of reservations. Chef Joe Cicala highlights that many of the restaurant’s staff hail from Puebla, Mexico, and feel strongly about the day. Sister restaurant La Brigantessa is open as normal.

We're on board with this, so, as mentioned in the article, this Thursday we'll take no walk-ins, and reservations are capped. We all need to support this movement.

Posted by Le Virtù on Tuesday, February 14, 2017
  • All Stephen Starr restaurants appear to be open: Alma de Cuba, Buddakan, The Continental, El Vez, Jones, Morimoto, Pod, Butcher and Singer, Barclay Prime, Continental Midtown, Parc, Pizzeria Stella, El Rey, The Dandelion, Talula’s Garden, Talula’s Daily, Frankford Hall, Fette Sau, and Serpico. However, Starr told Billy Penn that no workers who took the day off in protest would be penalized.
  • Similarly, all Jose Garces’ restaurants are open but he also voiced support for staff who take part in the day of protest. Those restaurants are 24, Amada, Buena Onda, Distrito, Garces Trading Company, J.G. Domestic, The Olde Bar, Tinto, Village Whiskey, and Volvér.
  • Inquirer reporter Julie Shaw is chronicling many closures on Twitter — she adds that Tria, Oyster House, and The Foodery all have limited operations for the day, and El Azteca is closed.
  • Passyunk Square Mexican restaurant Tamalex is closed, reports CBS.
  • Pub Harp & Crown closed for lunch but is open for dinner, according to Philly Voice.
  • Midtown Village izakaya Double Knot is also closed for lunch and open for dinner.
  • Owner of Tequilas David Suro told he plans not to show up as he is an immigrant himself. A call to Tequilas confirms that they’re closed in solidarity of the day without immigrants.
  • Pizza truck Pitruco is open but donating all profits to immigrant advocacy group Juntos. Their brick-and-mortar sibling Enjays is open with an adjusted menu.

South Philly Barbacoa

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Le Virtù

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