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Sandwich Slingers Help Each Other Out As John’s Roast Pork Gets Robbed

Thieves snatched money earmarked for charity


South Philly sandwich hero John’s Roast Pork had a lousy-ass start to the day on Friday, after burglars shimmied into the decades-old restaurant via an exhaust fan in the roof.

The robbery, which happened sometime before John’s opened for business on Friday morning, cost the restaurant around $5,000 — $3,500 from the register, and $1,500 which the restaurant had fundraised for a registry for bone marrow donors, according to Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate (among other news outlets).

ABC reporter Gray Hall spoke to owner John Bucci, who explained that the restaurant was (he thought) pretty secure, and the perpetrators, equipped with wire cutters and other tools, appeared to know what they were doing — while John’s has surveillance cameras, the DVR containing the footage of the burglary was also taken.

The charity cash was earmarked for the Be A Match Foundation, which is personally significant to Bucci, who received a bone marrow transplant that helped him overcome leukemia.

Once the story broke, it quickly turned heartwarming — apparently, cheesesteak slingers look out for their brethren, as Pat’s King of Steaks owner Frank Olivieri penned a check for the $1,500 in lost donations. He was quickly joined by Adam Spivak of concert venue Electric Factory, who matched that donation, much to Bucci’s delight.

“We made lemonade out of lemons. We really brought the best out.”

And the internet loved it too.

John’s was closed for the day Friday after the incident, but reopened Saturday.

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