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This Philly Pizzeria Would Like You To Get Married On Premises

You may now kiss the pepperoni

A happy couple at a Washington, DC, area &Pizza

Do you love pizza and your significant other enough to combine the two for one of the most special moments of your life? Well, fast casual choose-your-own-toppings pizzeria &Pizza (“And Pizza”, or “Ampersand Pizza”, if you wish) want to hear from you.

The DC-based pizza chain (with stores in DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and soon, New York) has done this stunt for the last two years in Washington, where it began after a math teacher and pizza aficionado wanted to get married for Pi Day (March 14), a day dedicated to the appreciation of mathematics but since co-opted to also focus on pizza and pies.

They’re now bringing it to the sole Philadelphia &Pizza in Rittenhouse Square for the first time on March 14. The Walnut Street store will be turned into a Vegas-style chapel (so don’t expect cathedral-level glamor), and couples who take part get it pretty much free, with music, flowers, photographer, officiant, and pizza included. Vow renewals are also on the table for the already-hitched.

&Pizza asks people to apply or register in advance, but they’ll also take some walk-in weddings on the day. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of people getting married in exchange for pizza.


&pizza Philadelphia

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