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Drink a Manischewitz Martini at London Grill’s Passover Seder

Bring on the brisket

London Grill

In Israel there’s only one Passover seder, but in other parts of the world Jews get to, or have to, sit through two — the difference in enthusiasm for the extra holiday gathering often hinging on the quality of the food (and your tolerance for matzah). And while it’s definitely not part of the Passover tradition to go out to eat, if keeping it kosher isn’t an issue, why not let a professional chef handle the gefilte fish? Over at London Grill in Fairmount, chef Michael McNally is doing just that, with two nights of seder-themed dinners, on Monday, April 10, and Tuesday, April 11, for $45 a head.

The menu starts with gefilte fish and matzo ball soup, and then goes into a choice of mains:

  • Sweet and sour brisket with garlic mashed potatoes and braised cabbage
  • Roasted poussin with potato kugel and spinach
  • Horseradish-crusted salmon with couscous, roasted beets, carrots, and tomato jam
  • Mediterranean vegetable and chickpea tapas

There will also be desserts, Israeli wines by the glass, and three biblical-ish cocktails:

  • Manischewitz martini: Bluecoat gin with Manischewitz, bitters, and lemon
  • Sweet Miriam’s Revenge: Stoli Vanilia with orange juice, rose water, and orange bitters
  • The 11th Plague: Manischewitz with walnut liqueur, Absolut vodka, and rhubarb bitters

Keeping with the theme, owner Terry Berch is decorating the restaurant with her improbably extensive collection of frog items, including lots of sculptures and stickers — frogs overtook Egypt as one of the 10 plagues in the Passover story.

London Grill

2301 Fairmount Avenue, , PA 19130 (215) 978-4545 Visit Website