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Road Trip Week Starts Now

Come along for the ride   

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Justin Blasi

Welcome to Eater's first-ever Road Trip Week. Starting now through Friday, Eater Philly — along with the rest of the Eater family from New York to California — will explore must-try dining destinations worth the drive.

Look out for a list of the best restaurants within a two hours’ drive of Philly, perfect for your summer road trip. A guide covering where to eat this summer at the Jersey Shore is coming up. And just in case your travels bring you into Philadelphia instead of out of it, get ready for Eater Philly’s picks for where to eat in the tourist hub of Old City.

Start Road Trip Week with Eater’s On the Road essay package and check out Eater’s other 22 city sites for road trip tips from across the country. Delve into the archive of all Eater Philly Road Trip Week stories. And, as always, track everything on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy travels.