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Rembrandt’s in Fairmount Is Likely Becoming Modo Mio 2.0

Chef Peter McAndrews freed up some time by closing his Girard Avenue BYOB and two Paesano’s


After 32 years in Fairmount, Rembrandt’s is closing. The restaurant, up the street from Eastern State Penitentiary, will likely reopen as a new version of Modo Mio, chef Peter McAndrews’ about-to-close Italian BYOB on Girard Avenue in Northern Liberties.

McAndrews also closed two of his Paesano’s sandwich shop locations, telling he wants to go back to being a chef, not an owner of several restaurants: “I just run around and put out fires,” he said of rushing between Modo Mio, Paesano’s, Monsu, La Porta, and Heffe. While the latter three are staying open, along with the Paesano’s on Girard, McAndrews is partially recreating his pre-restaurateur days: The chef worked at Rembrandt’s a decade ago.

Meanwhile, Rembrandt’s owner is also looking for a change. Gail Seygal is selling her restaurant to make time to travel and “pull weeds out of my garden. Read a book, that sort of stuff,” she told Michael Klein at

Jack McDavid, who owns Jack’s Firehouse, also in Fairmount, and Down Home Diner at Reading Terminal Market, is part of the group buying what’s now Rembrandt’s and giving it more of “a local bar” feel he told Klein. (Unlike the Northern Liberties Modo Mio, the new restaurant will have a liquor license.) Rembrandt’s will shutter July 9 and reopen after a renovation.

The current Modo Mio is closing June 29.

Modo Mio

161 W Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19123 215-203-8707