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The Horseshoe Counter From Little Pete’s Diner Is Up for Sale

An online auction is going on now

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Little Pete’s Rittenhouse diner closed at the end of May after 39 years at 17th and Chancellor. A Hyatt hotel is taking over the block, which means everything at the much-loved divey diner has to go. The kitchen equipment, booths, horseshoe-shaped counter, and even the striped awning are up for sale.

An online auction company, Auction Nation, is handling the transactions. The auction is open to the public but unless you’ve been in the market for a walk-in cooler or a “commercial stainless steel refrigerated sliding door pie showcase,” viewing the items is more a dip into Little Pete’s nostalgia than serious shopping. But if there’s a restaurant out there looking to recreate the Little Pete’s look, the 168-inch by 21-inch U-shaped counter where solo customers perched at for almost 40 years is available. (The booths were not for single diners, as you’d quickly find out if you tried to sit in one alone.)

If you just want a little piece of Little Pete’s history, the restaurant’s serving trays and napkin dispensers are on the list of items being sold.

Little Pete’s Fairmount location is still open.

Little Pete's

2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, , PA 19130 (215) 232-5001