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Here’s What People Were Eating at Diner en Blanc 2017

There were a lot of hoagies

All photos Justin Blasi

Diner en Blanc, that secretive summer pop-up that takes over a different public space for one evening every August, is a spectacle and an avid Instagrammer's dream — but at its heart, it's a dinner party. The Philadelphia version, which popped up at Franklin Square Thursday night, was the biggest one in the country this year. Tickets were capped at 5,300. Organizers said more than 40,000 people signed up for a waiting list.

Quick recap, for those who haven't heard of it: Diner en Blanc (dinner in white) is an annual outdoor dinner party started in Paris in 1988. The concept spread and it’s now in some 70 cities around the world. Everyone wears all white, and it's BYO everything — tables, chairs, settings, food, drink. The party site is kept secret until just before the event starts. In fact, if all goes according to plan, attendees don't know where they're headed until they're guided to the final destination by designated group leaders.

All photos Justin Blasi

Once they get there, it’s time to set up the tables and unpack the cheese boards, sushi cartons, shrimp platters, tacos, and cheesesteaks. Here’s what people brought to Diner en Blanc 2017: