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This Block of South Street Is Hoarding All the Restaurants

Nori Sushi should open in September

Two new eateries are joining the food lineup on the 1600 block of South Street, already home to Tio Flores, Magpie, Miles Table, Founding Fathers, Delicious Bites Deli, Entree, and the new Tico's Tacos, which opened earlier this year. Nori Sushi, going into 1636 South Street in a narrow space between Indian Restaurant and New South China, should be opening within a few weeks. On the other side of New South China, the owners of the now-closed Pine Street Deli have a bigger space to work with at their new corner spot, Choice Deli.

The deli is open and slinging hoagies, but they're waiting on the liquor license to transfer so they can start stocking beer. Nori's owners, brothers Harrison and Nick Lin, are also waiting on licensing (and the building inspection) so they can open. The sushi spot has been in the works for a year, Harrison Lin says, which is longer than they needed to get the place into shape. The holdup? "City Hall," he says. "We're ready — it's the paperwork." In the meantime, another sushi restaurant, Kei, opened barely a block away at 1711 South Street, next to Pumpkin.

Choice Deli at the corner of 17th and South Streets

The Lins are originally from China but have both been working in sushi restaurants in the U.S. for a decade — it’s not a stretch, Harrison says: “all Asians eat rice and fish” — and decided it was time to open their own place. Nori will have seats for 36 at tables and a sushi bar. It will also serve noodles and other hot dishes. All food groups are now represented on the block.

Nori Sushi waiting for its seats to be put into place