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Brewerytown Gets French and Tropical With New BYOB Novak’s

Officially open, right now

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Brewerytown has a brand new bring-your-own wine dining option — Philadelphia Magazine reports that Novak’s is the neighborhood’s newest addition, on West Girard Avenue.

It’s billed as French (and the rich-looking pheasant, buffalo, and boar terrine with a baked brie crust, pictured above, seems to fit that bill). But much of the menu comes with a solid spoonful of fusion — a jerk duck confit merges France and Jamaica, while Créole couscous with lamb merguez sits somewhere between the Caribbean and North Africa.

French-Caribbean fusion is a realm within which chef and owner Mark Solomon Evans has ample experience. He operated several restaurants in New York over the last few decades — Soho’s Red Strype, Ivo + Lulu in South Village, and Les Deux Lapins in Greenwich Village. He’s been mostly out of the restaurant world of late — this is his first foray into running an establishment in Philadelphia.

In a promising sign, NY Mag critics approved of the latter two, including menu items like grilled avocado and Port Royal prawns, some iteration of which appear on the menu at Novak’s.


2829 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130 201 844-2211 Visit Website