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Pat’s and Shoo Fry Are Making Poutine Cheesesteaks Today Only

Lunch plans, made

Cheesesteaks from Pat’s

Poutinerie Shoo Fry is headed to Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite cheesesteak shop today for a poutine-cheesesteak mashup — and it’s all for charity. Shoo Fry owners Matt and Rachel Baiada are joining Pat’s King of Steaks’ guest chef series to raise money for the Spread the Whiz Foundation, which, basically, teaches kids to not eat cheesesteaks for every meal. Or poutine, for that matter.

The Baiadas will be at Pat’s (1301 East Passyunk Avenue) Thursday, September 28, from noon to 9 p.m. putting together poutine cheesesteaks made with Shoo Fry’s gravy and cheese curds and the steak shop’s rib eyes and rolls. They’re going for $10. Regular poutine, using Pat’s fries, will be sold too, also for $10.

The money goes to Pat’s owner Frank Olivieri’s foundation, which partners with schools to teach kids about healthy food choices. (Olivieri is the great-nephew of Pat’s founder Pat Olivieri, who started slinging cheesesteaks in 1930.)

Marc Vetri and Jose Garces were the first guest chefs to be part of the Pat’s series.

Shoo Fry poutine

Pat's King of Steaks

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