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This Exists: Dottie’s Makes a Greased Pole Doughnut for Eagles Fans

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The bakery also banned Boston cream doughnuts

Behold the Eagles Fan on Greased Pole

Philly prepared for what turned out to be a huge Eagles win by doing what any city would do: Greasing the lampposts with Crisco so over-excited fans wouldn’t climb them. Anyone celebrating on Broad Street Sunday night after the NFC Championship game saw pole after pole slathered in the slippery white stuff, courtesy of the “Crisco Cops.” Eagles fans, of course, still found a way to shimmy up them (NSFW language in that video), and now Dottie’s Donuts is paying tribute. The vegan sweet shop whipped up an Eagles Fan on Greased Pole doughnut — which is a descriptor that only makes sense right here, right now.

Dottie’s referred to the Eagles Fan on Greased Pole on Instagram as its “newest piece of art.” The long, thin doughnut is concocted of chocolate dough to represent the pole, with vanilla glaze standing in for Crisco, and green matcha glaze at the top symbolizing a Birds fan.

There are also deluxe versions on offer: raspberry vanilla, cookie butter, and matcha pistachio.

What you won’t find at the doughnut shop is a Boston cream. Dottie’s announced on Facebook:

Until the eagles win the super bowl we won’t be serving our Boston cream donuts or any other ”New England themed” donuts. Replacing the boston cream is our cookies and cream donut.

Dottie’s has two locations, in Queen Village and West Philly.