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How to Send A Tip to Eater Philly

Anonymous or otherwise, tips from local readers like you keep us in the know and on the beat

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As Philly’s dining scene continues to evolve, it’s you, the readers, the tipsters, the gossips, and the whistleblowers who keep us one step ahead. You help us stay in the know and on top of all things Philly food and drink.

So, thank you. And don’t be shy. We love to talk. Spotted a new sign up on an empty storefront? Know a chef that’s hosting a COVID-19 fundraiser? Think we don’t spend enough time covering your neighborhood? Heard allegations of bad behavior in the restaurant world? Have a question about something posted on the site? Let us know.

There are a few ways to get in touch with Eater Philly. To reach us via email, drop us a line at That’s also the email address to use if you’re a food writer and want to pitch us a story about an opening, a trend, or anything else. (More on how to pitch us here.)

If staying anonymous is a priority, go here to securely send Eater sensitive information.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Tag your Instagram photos with #eaterphilly so we’ll see them. And last, but definitely not least, sign up for Eater Philly’s newsletter so you never miss a thing.