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Here Are All the Gritty-Themed Foods at Philly Restaurants

If it’s bright orange, it looks like the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers
Gritty, the new Flyers mascot
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

When Gritty, the new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team, was introduced last week, Philly didn’t quite know what to make of the big furry orange monster with googly eyes. But the immediate reaction of “what the hell is this?” was followed by a similar reaction from the rest of the country — which meant, of course, Philly quickly did a 180, proudly embracing Gritty as one of its own.

The now-beloved mascot has been making the rounds of talk shows and dancing with the Phanatic at a Phillies game ahead of the Flyers season opener. He’s also showing up in food-form at local restaurants and bars. (This is something Philly does well — recall the green food that popped up all over the place ahead of the Eagles’ Super Bowl win.)

Some of the Gritty-themed items are disappearing in the blink of an eye, like the doughnut at Dottie’s, which so far only made a one-day appearance at the vegan bakery. But Dottie’s promises it will come back occasionally throughout the season. The Gritty mac and cheese bowl at Mac Mart was also short-lived, but could return.

As for Gritty himself, he likes hotdogs, and snow.

Dottie’s went with a Muppet-esque Gritty sweet:

Sweet Box’s cupcake version is much cuter, and less terrifying, than the real Gritty:

Mac Mart knew Cheetos would make the perfect orange topping:

Grocery store Mom’s Organic Market went a little healthier with its quinoa Gritty bowl:

In South Philly, Mike’s BBQ Gritty-fied its brisket cheesesteak:

Like Mike’s BBQ, D’Emilio’s turned a Philly classic (here, water ice) into a Gritty concoction:

Broken Goblet Brewing took it to the next level — the can has googly eyes that move:

Joe’s Steaks & Soda Shop in Fishtown and Northeast Philly is cooking up Gettin’ Gritty Wit It cheesesteaks during every Flyers game this season:

What would a Gritty-shaped pretzel look like exactly?

Big Gay Ice Cream at Broad and South is selling the Gritty Puckster, an ice cream sandwich with nacho cheese Doritos–flavored ice cream between two chocolate cookies, rolled in crushed nacho cheese Doritos.

Spotted another edible Gritty-themed item in Philly? Get in touch.