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Look Inside Chinatown’s New Hot Pot Spot, Chubby Cattle

Build your own spicy hot pot with green tea noodles, fish balls, and pork blood

Chubby Cattle

A full year after Eater got word of its imminent opening, hot pot specialist Chubby Cattle is finally up and running in Chinatown with a conveyor belt bringing diners Wagyu beef, bok choy, green tea noodles, and lots more. The new restaurant, at 146 N. 10th Street, is also in Las Vegas, Denver, and Dallas.

The food draws from Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese cuisines, the owners say, with a focus on build-your-own hot pot, though the menu also includes Korean bibimbap, Japanese shabu shabu, soup dumplings, sushi, and grilled skewers like Mongolian lamb, scallops, or oysters.

To start with the hot pot, pick a soup base — original, Heaven and Hell, tomato oxtail, miso, House Hellish Spicy, or two vegan options, tomato or mushroom.

There’s no shortage of stuff to put in the broth, from all types of beef, pork, and chicken to shrimp, calamari, and clams. The noodle selection includes glass, udon, green tea, purple yam, tomato, potato, and taro. A long list of vegetables is available, plus several types of tofu, lobster balls, and quail eggs. Among the more unusual choices: beef throat, Spam, “duck flippers,” and pork blood.

Ordering is done via iPad and your picks are delivered via a conveyor belt, which is refrigerated (servers bring things out, too). For hot items, there’s another delivery system on top of the conveyor belt.

Chubby Cattle [official photo]
Chubby Cattle [official photo]
Chubby Cattle [official photo]
Chubby Cattle [official photo]