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ReAnimator Coffee Teams Up With Local Musicians for a Doughnut Shop

Hello Donuts is opening in Kensington

white plates with doughnuts
Hello Donuts

Hello Donuts, from the ReAnimator Coffee guys and a group of doughnut-loving musicians, just signed a lease for a brick and mortar shop in East Kensington, at Frankford Avenue and Amber Street. The bakery has been popping up at markets and concerts and suppling local restaurants with doughnuts over the last several months. This will be the first permanent location for Hello Donuts, which sells both traditional and vegan varieties.

The team includes ReAnimator’s Mark Corpus and Mark Capriotti and four musicians/band managers: Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw, Joseph Marro of The Early November, Zack Zarrillo, and Scott Luciano. When Hello Donuts was first introduced last spring, Marro told Eater, “It started with me and Ben Walsh sitting at our favorite coffee shop, ReAnimator, talking about, ‘Hey, did you every go to Donut Friend in LA? Have you been to Sugar Shack in Richmond? Strange Donuts in St. Louis?’ And we realized, ‘Wow, we go to a lot of doughnut shops while we’re on the road.’ These places become destination spots that touring bands know about. We wanted to create something like that here in Philly.”

Hello Donuts’ shop (2557 Amber Street) likely won’t be open until the fall, but the doughnuts are currently available on weekends at ReAnimator’s Kensington and Fishtown coffee shops, as well as Res Ipsa Cafe, the all-day café on 23rd and Walnut from Corpus and Capriotti (and Tyler Akin of Stock). Fans can also find them at Café Lift, Benna’s West, and a few other locations.

Hello Donuts

Hello Donuts

2557 Amber Street, Phi, PA 19125 Visit Website

ReAnimator Coffee

3118 Richmond Street, , PA 19134 (215) 595-2574 Visit Website

Res Ipsa

2218 Walnut Street, , PA 19103 (267) 519-0329 Visit Website