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Hummus Republic Starts Stuffing Pitas Next Month

Take a look at what the fast-casual Mediterranean spot will be serving

Hummus Republic
Hummus Republic [official photo]

Los Angeles-based Hummus Republic is heading east and it’s bringing a healthy SoCal mindset with it. The third Hummus Republic, and the first outside of California, is shooting for a late April or early May opening in Rittenhouse, in the snug corner spot at 115 S. 18th Street that was coffee shop Konditori.

The quick-serve Mediterranean eatery is set up like Chipotle, with an assembly line putting together plates of falafel, vegan beef, braised veggies, chicken, or steak with toppings and sauces. According to the restaurant, the emphasis is on the meat-free options. “We’re primarily plant-based, but we do offer meat for those who aren’t ready to fully commit to a plant-based diet,” Hummus Republic rep Jordyn Weekly says. The menu doesn’t look primarily plant-based, exactly, since there is chicken and beef. But there definitely are a lot of vegan options.

HipCityVeg, offering vegan fast-casual eats, is just down the street. Vegan sandwich shop Wiz Kid, from the Vedge and V Street crew, is a block away.

The food at Hummus Republic comes as build-your-own bowls, salads, or pitas, piled or packed with the base proteins and hummus, available in a few different varieties, feta dip, or tzatziki. For toppings, customers can add items like chopped cucumbers, jalapenos, diced beets, hard boiled eggs, or stuffed grape leaves. Finish off with a roasted red pepper tahini or a Moroccan hot sauce.

A vegan burger and sweet potato fries are also on offer, along with a tahini shake — the latter something Philly is familiar with thanks to the shake lineup at Mike Solomonov’s vegan Goldie.

Look for Hummus Republic to open later next month, or possibly the first week in May.

Vegan burgers and sweet potato fries at Hummus Republic
Hummus Republic [official photo]
Hummus Republic in Los Angeles
Hummus Republic [official photo]
A build-your-own falafel bowl
Hummus Republic [official photo]
Pita stuffed with falafel, cabbage, cucumber, and olives
Hummus Republic [official photo]