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Pizzeria Beddia Serves Its Last Pizza Ever This Week

But there is some good news

Pizzeria Beddia in Fishtown

This is it, folks. Saturday is the last day ever for Pizzeria Beddia, the takeout-only shop in Fishtown that gained national attention when Bon Appetit called its pies the best in America. As promised, chef-owner Joe Beddia is closing the doors for good on March 31, after five years. Since the pizzeria is only open Wednesday through Saturday from 5:30 p.m., there are just four more evenings left to score one of the 40 pies Beddia makes a day — and going by how early people have been lining up lately, you might want to head there right now.

The closure isn’t a surprise. Back in April of last year, when he released the cookbook Pizza Camp, Beddia told Eater he would likely not renew his lease at 115 E. Girard Avenue when it was up. “I’ll probably do it for another year,” he said of running the pizza shop. “I just had a four-year anniversary. So if I’m open for five years, I think that’s enough. That’s a good, solid time of making pizzas.”

But Beddia isn’t giving up the pizza game. He has a second, bigger location in the works, also in Fishtown, near Front and Master streets. Unlike the original, the upcoming eatery will be a sit-down spot and it will have a liquor license. Beddia is vague on the timeline but says it will likely open in the fall or winter. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

5 Years standing in this little room. So thankful to fully realize a dream. xo

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The line started at 10:30 today.

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Pizzeria Beddia

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