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Just Salad Is Really Pushing Salad With Its Unlimited Bowl

It’s a great deal if you plan to buy salad every single day

Just Salad
Just Salad/Facebook

Just Salad’s new University City restaurant, located at Penn at 3728 Spruce Street, opened its doors last week. It’s the second Philly location for the chain; the first started serving last summer at 1729 Chestnut Street. The fast-casual eatery does sell more than salad, with wraps, hot bowls, smoothies, and avocado toast on the menu. But for those who want just salad, only salad, all the time salad, the restaurant is launching a deal for the month of May: Buy its reusable Unlimited Salad Bowl for $99 and get a “free” salad every day all month long.

There are 31 days in May, so if someone brings the bowl (and accompanying punch card) in to Just Salad daily, that works out to about $3.19 per salad. Twenty days of salad would be $4.95 each. Add a bit more because the bowls are only being sold through Just Salad’s website and there’s a shipping fee — plus tax. Still, most of the salads are usually $9-$11, so this is a decent deal and it wastes a lot less plastic than using disposable bowls. Or, you could intend to lighten up your lunch routine by eating a salad every day but only actually do it once, which means you’ve just bought yourself a mighty pricy pile of spring mix.

Just Salad’s suggested combos, like the Tokyo Supergreens with kale, spinach, grilled chicken, carrot-edamame slaw, broccoli, and avocado, are included in the promotion, or customers can build their own with four toppings and one protein.

The company, which started in New York in 2006 and now has 34 locations, already sells a reusable bowl that costs $1 and gets its owner free toppings every time it’s used. Just Salad says it saves 75,000 pounds of plastic every year with the program.

Orders for the Unlimited Salad Bowls have to be in by April 25. Here is what they look like:

Just Salad’s reusable bowl
Just Salad [official photo]

And here is a salad one could put in a reusable bowl:

Just Salad’s Tokyo Supergreens bowl
Just Salad [official photo]