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This Is Where Seorabol Is Opening in Center City

The Korean restaurant’s second location has finally been revealed

Banchan at Seorabol

The second location of Seorabol is one of Philly’s most anticipated spring openings; and now it’s known exactly where said location will be. reports that a liquor license for the second incarnation of beloved Korean restaurant Seorabol has been spotted at 1326 Spruce Street in Center City.

Seorabol’s first location at 5734 Old 2nd St. in Olney is well loved for its massive, all-encompassing menu, covering sushi and sashimi — after all, the restaurant serves Japanese dishes too — along with Korean specialties like jjigae, bibimbap, seafood pancakes, and perhaps the main draw: DIY tabletop barbecue.

The menu at Seorabol’s second location will look pretty familiar to regulars of the first location and other traditional Korean spots, and will continue to serve the tabletop barbecue, along with some of the more popular dishes from the first location.

The Center City location is slated to open later this year. More details on the opening date as they come.