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Vietnamese-Indian Hybrid Sandwiches Are Heading to East Passyunk

Teas N’ Mi is making “phorathas”

A phoratha at Teas N’ Mi
Teas N’ Mi/Facebook

Bubble tea and sandwich shop Teas N’ Mi is opening on the ever-evolving East Passyunk restaurant strip. It’s going into 1907 E. Passyunk Avenue right next to Noir, a few doors down from Will and Tre Scalini, and across from Italian market L. Mancuso & Son. The name stands for teas and banh mi (or “teasing me,” depending on how you want to read it). Look for it to open in May.

The storefront was originally an appliance repair shop. A couple of years ago, Eater learned it was becoming a Lebanese restaurant, but that apparently fell through. In its place, a small shop serving a Vietnamese-Indian hybrid called “phorathas,” which the owners are describing as pho tacos because of the shape. But the flavors here aren’t at all Mexican. Chef Tuyen Tran will be stuffing pho-flavored meat or chicken into a folded paratha (the Indian bread) and topping the protein with traditional banh mi (Vietnamese hoagie) accoutrements like pickled carrots and daikon radishes, cucumbers, Thai basil, mayonnaise, and bean sprouts. As a final touch, the phoratha gets a drizzle of of pho gravy.

Teas N’ Mi also plans to make more traditional banh mi with caramelized pork belly or tofu. To go with the sandwiches, there are fruity regular teas and bubble teas in a variety of flavors.

The eatery will mostly provide takeout but there will be some seats both indoors and outside on the sidewalk. When it’s up and running, Teas N’ Mi’s hours will be, roughly, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Tea at Teas N’ Mi
Teas N’ Mi [official photo]
In addition to the phorathas, Teas N’ Mi will sell banh mi
Teas N’ Mi [official photo]
Teas N’ Mi is opening on East Passyunk
Teas N’ Mi/Facebook

Teas N' Mi

1907 E. Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148 Visit Website