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Elixr Announces Big New Location Featuring ‘Coffee Omakase’

And a roastery, too

Elixr’s ICA location
Evan I./Yelp

Philadelphia born and bred roaster Elixr has finalized some big expansion plans, with a 2,000 square foot coffee shop and roastery on its way to Callowhill next month.

The new location, in the Goldtex building at North 12th and Wood streets has been in the works for a while — news about it first surfaced in early 2017, and some fifteen months later, Philly Mag reports that it should be opening on or around June 11.

It takes over a location adjacent to now-closed pubby restaurant Brick and Mortar. Elixr has gone with the same designers as its Sydenham Street Kole Made Design/Build, so Philly Mag suggests that it should have a similarly warm and woody ambiance to that hub. Glass doors will also separate the roastery and open-to-the-public cafe section, while allowing customers to catch some bean-browning action.

There’s one notable addition to the offerings in the works here: the new location will integrate a coffee tasting bar, which Elixr are dubbing a “coffee omakase”, borrowing the Japanese term for a chef’s choice tasting menu at a sushi restaurant. Here, it’ll be “barista’s choice”, it seems, with tastings including a heart palpitation-inducing flight of five coffees to sampling.

This will be Elixr’s third location after the Rittenhouse flagship and the company’s cafe at the Institution of Contemporary Art; fourth, if you’re counting Elixr running the daytime coffee operation at Center City izakaya Double Knot.