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First Look Inside the Massive Brickwall Tavern on Sansom Street

The new pub is ready to start serving wings, burgers, and craft beer

A burger and fries at Brickwall Tavern
Justin Blasi

New Jersey’s Brickwall Tavern is about to open its first Philadelphia location. The 10,000-square-foot bar/restaurant with multiple rooms is going into what was a furniture store at 1213 Sansom Street. It starts serving burgers, wings, and craft beer on Friday, May 4.

Brickwall’s entrance to right across from Fergie’s Pub. There’s a doorway in the back of the venue that connects to sister spot Porta, the new pizzeria that’s also from the Smith group. Porta faces Chestnut Street.

The menu at Brickwall’s newest outpost is a little different from the Asbury Park and Burlington locations. The owners think Philly eats less beef and pork, so they took swapped in a few fish and veggie options instead, including the vegan Impossible Burger, served with a vegan sauce on a vegan bun.

Most of the menu is bar fare: Fish and chips, hamburgers, a black bean burger, a chicken BLT, a pulled pork sandwich. The cheesesteak is sliced ribeye, caramelized onions, and Whiz on an Amoroso’s roll. A “munchies” section includes mac and cheese, pierogies, scotch eggs, and beer-battered fried cauliflower.

Buffalo wings, pierogies, and a burger at Brickwall Tavern
Justin Blasi

The front door at Brickwall leads into the main bar area, which has a long bar with about 15 houndstooth-fabric-covered seats, roomy red vinyl booths, and three big TVs. It flows into the main dining room, with tables and more booths and TVs. Off the dining room is what Brickwall is calling the library (it’s just a smaller room with more tables).

To the side, accessible from the bar or library, is the “annex,” a lower-ceilinged area that’s still street level but gives off a basement rec room vibe. There’s another big bar in here, plus several high-top tables, shuffleboard tables, and TVs.

The main bar at Brickwall Tavern
Justin Blasi

There’s a downstairs which for now has bathrooms, but part of the space will likely be turned into another bar or dining room. The two bathrooms upstairs are adorned with Philly-ish phrases, like “puck Princeton,” “pass dat jawn,” and a snippet of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

Brickwall will only be open for dinner and drinks until May 12, when weekend brunch starts up. Full hours kick in May 14: From 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

The front entrance at Brickwall leads into a bar area
Justin Blasi
The main bar area isn’t quite finished in this photo (the tables aren’t installed at the booths)
Justin Blasi
There’s another big bar in the annex
Justin Blasi
The downstairs just has more bathrooms, for now
Justin Blasi
Brickwall is one of a few places in Philly serving the vegan Impossible Burger
Justin Blasi

Check out the full menu:

Brickwall Tavern

1213 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 Visit Website