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NY Poke Restaurant Brings ‘Avocado Boats’ to Rittenhouse This Week

The Pokéspot opens Friday

plastic bowls of poke Pokéspot/Supplied

Philly is set to get yet more poke bowls this week, as New York restaurant The Pokéspot opens on Chestnut Street at 18th.

But the city’s newest purveyor of Hawaiian bowls of seasoned raw fish, rice, and other toppings has made its name partially from a different menu item: its house creation, the “avocado boat”.

The dish consists of a half avocado with the pit removed, and more-or-less a wee poke bowl made inside and on top of the avocado. It comes with one protein choice (most options are salmon or tuna), with two other toppings and sauce.

Sure, it’s a little gimmicky and possibly springboarding off the waning avocado toast trend — but it’s also a convenient option and a relatively nutritious snack for those who don’t want to throw down for a whole poke bowl.

The Pokéspot/Facebook

Over on the regular poke bowl side, Pokéspot brings in some less-standard ingredients such as cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles (zoodles) in its bowls, which sell for mostly around $11. It has both build-your-own and house recipes that include ahi tuna or salmon, chili ponzu salmon, and the Pokéspot ceviche with shrimp and snow crab.

This is the fledgling chain’s fourth location — it has two in New York, and very recently opened up a location in Atlanta.

Pokéspot opens Friday, June 1.

The PokéSpot

1804 Chestnut Street, , PA 19103 (267) 541-2183 Visit Website